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1. Purpose:

  • Creating assurance and ensuring the best benefits for customers who shop at ACE Home Center’s E-Commerce website: https://www.acehomecentershop.com/, directly under Vina Homeshop Joint Stock Company.
  • Providing customers with quality products, attentive, fast, and convenient customer care services with dedicated and professional service style.

2.Subject and scope of application:

3.Contributions/Complaints about products:

ACE Home Center is always responsible for receiving and handling customer complaints related to transactions at the e-commerce exchange https://www.acehomecentershop.com/. When complaints and disputes arise, ACE Home Center promotes a solution of negotiation and conciliation between the parties in order to maintain the relationship and trust of customers in the service quality of ACE Home Center.

Contribution/Complaint process follows the following steps:

  • Step 1:

In case customers have comments/complaints related to products and services, please contact ACE Home Center:

Hotline: 1900 633 304

Email: info@acehomecenter.vn

Facebook: ACEHomeCenterVN

Address: ACE Home Center – 4th floor, Van Hanh Mall, 11 Su Van Hanh, Ward 12, District 10, Ho Chi Minh.

Time: 9:30 am – 10:00 pm from Monday to Sunday

  •  Step 2:

ACE Home Center will receive contributions & complaints, contact customers to clarify the request as soon as possible and no later than 5 working days from the date of receipt of the request

ACE Home Center may request Customers to provide information and evidence related to transactions and products to verify, clarify the case and take appropriate action.

All contributions & complaints will be carefully considered.

  • Step 3:

Contributions will be transferred to relevant departments. Complaints will be received and resolved by the customer service department as soon as possible.

If there are complaints about product quality, ACE Home Center will apply the exchange & return policy to assist customers in returning and exchanging items.

If there are complaints about other services (transportation service, customer care service), ACE Home Center will carefully review each complaint and will have policies and measures to apply separately for each complaint

In case ACE Home Center has made efforts to resolve complaints and disputes, but the matter is beyond our capabilities and authority, ACE Home Center will request customers to bring the case to a competent State agency for settlement in accordance with the law.

ACE Home Center respects and strictly observes the provisions of the law on protection of customers (consumers)’ rights. Therefore, we request customers to provide complete, accurate, truthful and detailed information related to the product so that ACE Home Center can help you quickly and most appropriately. All frauds in business are condemned and must be fully responsible to the law.

1900 633 304